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Online Registration and Payments Help

If you are a member:

  • You must log in to receive meeting fee discounts
  • Recall that your email address is your user name. Click Forgot Password to reset it if you forget.   Go to Home for Log-in

If you are a member and have not paid your 2019 dues:

  • Log in
  • If you have an unpaid balance, the landing page will direct you to pay. You can continue on to the Home page without paying at this time. 
  • If you wish to renew, click on the Profile link in the upper right corner under your name.
  • On other pages, A box in the lower right corner of the screen will pop up that indicates if you have a balance due. Click it to pay your dues (Note: if you are paying online and registering for a meeting and wish to pay both at the same time, click the INVOICE ME button and then continue to Meeting Registration. At the end of the second transaction, click the PAY ONLINE button).

If you are a member and your email is not recognized

You are not yet in system or you are using a different email from previous engagements with the INS.

  • Try a different email, or
  • Click Join Us and enter your information.          Join us

If you are not a member, your meeting registration options are limited.

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